Filling this in will help to determine your current financial position.

Completing the register will give a picture or your personal financial circumstances, indicating the various components that make up your estate. Once this is established, we can then advise you whether or not there is anything we can do (or advise you to do), to help reduce any liabilities such as Inheritance Tax or Long Term Care fees.

We also look at whether or not you have business interests and how that business is set up (Sole Trader/Ltd Company etc) and, what you want to happen to that business when you die.

Another area worth close attention is pensions, death in service benefits and insurance policies. Special consideration should be given to this area as careful planning could lead to a potential savings in inheritance tax.

The information you provide is private & confidential and is used for the sole purpose of giving you best advice. It is also important that you are aware that the advice given is based on your current financial position which, can obviously change.

Please fill out the asset register and return it to our office along with your contact details and someone will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

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