Lasting Power of Attorney

Making a Will is one thing but; what if you lost the capacity to manage your affairs?

Most people acknowledge that it is important to organise their affairs in the event of their death, which is why so many people make a Will. However, practically nobody makes similar provisions to organise their affairs should they become unable to look after themselves during their lifetime – an ever-increasing possibility given the advances in medical care.

Omega Wills Ltd can produce a Legal Document called a LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY (LPA) – a document that enables you to appoint a person or persons to look after your affairs in the event of mental incapacity, perhaps due to old age, illness or accident.

It is important that such arrangements are made when you are fit and healthy since the Law states that such arrangements cannot be made after the event, which can leave families with all sorts of practicable problems.

While an LPA is a very powerful document, there are numerous safeguards to prevent its abuse: An LPA is primarily used to appoint people to deal with your affairs after the onset of mental incapacity. However, such people can also act on your behalf prior to the onset of mental incapacity – unless you object.

The LPA only comes into full force once it has been registered with the Courts. A separate person (Non-Attorney) can be nominated as a person to be notified by those applying for registration, so, that if an application is made and you are not actually incapacitated, your nominated person can object. This acts as a safeguard for you, the donor.

Like your Will, an LPA can be updated at any time should your circumstances change. Omega Wills can draw up your Lasting Power of Attorney, whilst drafting your Will. Simply discuss your requirements with our consultant.