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A Will is a very important document and should be treated as such, and anyone who has taken the time and effort to have a Will professionally drafted should also give consideration as to how it is stored?

A Will stored in a bank can be quite expensive and also restrictive and a Will stored at home is not necessarily the best place. If you have a fire, your Will may be destroyed and if you move home you may misplace it.

One of the most common reasons for intestacy (dying without having proof of a valid Will) is Lost or Misplaced Wills.

If the original signed and witnessed Will cannot be produced the testator will normally be presumed to have destroyed it and to have died intestate.  A copy may prove that a Will was made but not that it was in force at the time of death.

Omega Wills offer secure storage for your Will and associated documents in our fireproof & waterproof storage facility, providing you with peace of mind.

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